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Houston, Texas (March 30, 2009) -- Hotelesys has completed an integration between several major social networks and the online presence for Hotel Esencia in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Using open interfaces to these networks and some internal software that Hotelesys has developed, Esencia was able to integrate certain features of these networks into their own websites.

"Most of our business comes from one guest referring another and many of our guests utilize social networks, including TripAdvisor. We wanted make ourselves available on these networks and join in the conversation", said Sandra Beltran, Vice President of Prohotel, Esencia's operating company.

"The hotel itself is no longer the sole provider of content for potential guests, the entire internet community is busy posting comments, photographs, videos, reviews, and suggestions" said Jerry Ward, Vice President at Hotelesys. "If you're operating a small hotel, the strategy and technology to manage these online conversations about your property can be too costly to implement. That's where we can help."

Indeed, with Facebook surpassing 175 million users worldwide, the potential for business can no longer be ignored. The larger hotel chains have been the first to capitalize on this. Their websites are becoming social networks in and unto themselves.

An independent hotel, without a staff of programmers and journalists needs to take a different approach. Hotelesys has leveraged the open source community and some internal products it has developed over the years to provide integrations with the five most important social networks for luxury hotels:

  • TripAdvisor
  • Flickr!
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Hotelesys recommends a crawl, walk, run approach to hotels when it comes to social media. The responsibilities and key members need to be defined along with a process for handling positive and negative feedback. This process must be fully vetted before integrating any technology. Esencia now integrates commenting on TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Twitter. They actively manage Flickr! groups. Hotelesys is working on some exciting new applications for Facebook and several other social networks which it will start introducing in the weeks ahead.

About Esencia

Esencia is a 50-acre private estate, with an awe-inspiring beachfront, two swimming pools, day spa, gourmet restaurant, and an indulgent atmosphere fitting of royalty. In fact, the property and many of the buildings once served as the exclusive beach-side retreat of an actual Italian duchess. Esencia is located on Playa Xpu-Ha 46 miles south of Cancun and is the essence of simplicity, elegance and beauty. Its 29 spacious suites and cottages include a range of features from private gardens to solariums and deep-soaking plunge pools.

Esencia's Aroma Spa is fully organic from its architecture to its products, the Duchess’s oasis harvests its own lush herb garden for use in treatments.

Esencia's restaurant Sal y Fuego specializes in Meso-American cuisine, using traditional Yucatecan methods such as banana-wrapped fish and meat cooked in a pib (an earth oven). The menu showcases the freshest local seafood as well as dishes from the rest of Mexico, all flavored with organic herbs and fresh fruits and vegetables.

About Prohotel International

The Esencia estate is operated by ProHotel International of Houston, which also operates the celebrated La Pleta by Rafael Hotels in the Spanish Pyrenees and Casanova by Rafael Hotels in Barcelona, Spain.

About Hotelesys

Since 1999, Hotelesys has provided innovation through technology to small- and mid-sized hotels globally and across languages. Hotelesys is a full service e-business consultant that combines eye-catching designs, advanced search engine techniques, social networking, effective copy writing, and advanced customer relationship management to provide its clients with higher direct booking rates.

Hotelesys advises its clients on the following subjects:

If your property is doing online marketing internally, Hotelesys can lower your costs and make your team more effective. If your property is not marketing online, Hotelesys can dramatically increase your direct booking rates for a surpisingly small investment. For more information please visit the website at www.hotelesys.com and check here for updates to this article.

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