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Social bookmarking is a method for internet users to save their favorite pages and share them with their friends and other internet users. Users with similar interest tnd to follow or subscribe to one another's bookmarks. If just one of these users bookmarks your hotel's webpage, it could lead to 100s or 1000s of interested visitors to your website.

Step 1. Positioning

Without the right formula or vision for your hotel such as positioning, rates, packages, etc. It's not enough for them just to look at your website, they need to see all of the elements to know that your hotel is the best in its market. Without this, an increase in web traffic won't add bookings.

Step 2

Become a Bookmarker

Go ahead and set an account up within each social bookmarking site. This will include creating a profile that includes username, password, descriptive text, images, and links to your website. Hotelesys can register you quickly in over 100 social bookmarking sites.

Step 3

Download the Links

Add the links and buttons to your property's website. These will encourage other visitors to bookmark your pages.

Step 4

Create Lists

For each niche or service that your hotel offers, create a list within the social bookmarking site. Arrange your bookmarks within these lists as they will help keep you organized and will allow to to better target users with specific interests.

Step4 Submit a URL link to the site and fill out the description box, tags, keywords and subject, if needed. This is how you "index" your articles, posts and submissions. Step5 Continue submitting URLs through the system and categorizing them accordingly to build your list. Provide valuable content at all times so you are not labeled as a spammer. Step6 Start networking. Branch out to other people in the community who have created lists with similar topics and keywords. This is how you can start promoting your list and URLs, and it helps you become an active user. Step7 Visit your major sites every day. Maintaining a steady level of activity makes it easier to find quality information and connect with other users.

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